Terms of Sale

 The terms and conditions (Terms of Sale) described below related to the sales and services as between you (the “customer”) and the herballifecare.in registered organization to sale cosmetic, home care and health care products. The customer is understood to accept the Terms of Sale and agrees to be bound by them by accepting the delivery of the Products mentioned on a purchase order (an "order").

Personal Examination of Patient: The customer need not be physically examined again since he/she has had a physical examination by and has obtained a prescription from a duly licensed practitioner (the "prescribing practitioner") by personally attending the check-up.

Payment Terms/Orders/ Prices/Interest: The customer will pay the prices for the products as specified by HLC and as set forth on the website of herballifecare.in at the time of placing his/her order. The changes in the prices may occur without further notice. If the Customer can make the payment for the order via personal cheque, bank draft, money order, wire transfer or credit card. All the invoices are due and payable within 30 days post the date of the invoice. After that, the customer agrees to pay an interest at a rate of 18 % per annum on all amounts.

Shipping:  As the product leaves the HLC, the delivery of the Product to the Customer takes place. HLC acting as attorney and agent for the customer arranges for shipping of the product to the home address of the Customer. herballifecare.in will arrange to replace the delayed shipment after 28 days if it extends beyond the average time period of 14-21 days to arrive upon notice from the Customer. HLC will not charge any additional cost to re-deliver and re-ship the product to the customer. If the product fails to arrive within 28 days or if the product is damaged due to delay in shipment, herballifecare.in is not responsible or liable.

Shipping Charges/Taxes: In the cases where herballifecare.in has been retained to prepare and issue invoices on behalf of HLC, the Customer will receive an invoice with separate charges for shipping and handling mentioned on it. As required by the jurisdiction of the sale, service, sales and all other taxes associated with the Order, however designated are responsibility of the Customer.

Return Policy: A 90-day hassle-free Return policy is offered by herballifecare.in. You can check out the Return Policy for complete details. The Customer agrees to go through the return Policy every time he/she visits the Site and submits an Order since herballifecare.in reserves the right of the amendment in its Return Policy from time to time the updated version of which it keeps posting on its website.

Products & Services: The products and services displayed on the website may be revised and discontinued at any time by herballifecare.in without any prior notice.

Warranties:  The responsibility for any warranty associated with a product solely lies with the manufacturer of each product. herballifecare.in disclaims any express or implied warranties and conditions regarding the products and services that these Terms of Sale contemplate, including, without limited to, implied warranties and conditions of fitness and merchantability for a specific intent. The replacement of the product is what is undertaken regarding responsibility for claims with respect to the products.

Recall Policy: herballifecare.in offers a recall policy. The Customer can refer to our Recall Policy and he/she agrees to review our Recall Policy every times he/she visits the Site to submit an Order since the Site reserves the right to amend its Recall Policy by posting an updated version of it on the Site as and when required.

Privacy Policy: Acting in accordance with our Privacy Policy that is published on the Site, the Customer agrees to the collection and use of personal information. According to the privacy Policy of AdequateStore.com, the Customer consents to disclose his/her personal information completely and accurately and agrees to its use by the Site. herballifecare.in reserves the right to amend its Privacy Policy from time to time by posting an updated Privacy Policy on its website and the Customer agrees to review this Policy each time he/she visits the Site to submit an Order. Headings: The Customer will not derive any inference or construction from the section headings used herein since these do not form a part of the Terms of Sale and are for convenience of reference only.

Headings: The Customer will not derive any inference or construction from the section headings used herein since these do not form a part of the Terms of Sale and are for convenience of reference only. 

Knowledge and Consent:  The Customer is understood to read and comprehend all the terms and conditions as set out herein once he/she places an order with herballifecare.in. It is an acknowledgement by the Customer that he/she will obtain the Terms of Sale in hard copy format from herballifecare.in upon request at any time which are readily accessible on a 24-hour basis on the Site. It is an acknowledgement by the Customer that he/she has had every opportunity to obtain independent legal advice in respect of Terms of Sale and that he/she agrees to the Terms of Sale which he/she does with full knowledge and under no undue influence or duress

Severability: In the event of any of these Terms of Sale turning invalid or unenforceable, the validity or enforceability of any other provision thereof will not be affected and the provision that will turn invalid or unenforceable will be kept in the category of severable.

Governing Law: By placing an Order with herballifecare.in. The Customer is also believed to understand that he/she is buying those products that have been approved for sale in the Jurisdiction of the HLC. As the Customer’s products leave the HLC, title to the products of the Customer also passes from the HLC to the Customer. In the event of any dispute arising between the Customer and HLC the laws of that jurisdiction shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction wherein all contracts formed and agreements reached deemed to have been made and where the sale take place. Adequate store laws will bear the reference to the resolution of all disputes with herballifecare.in.

Force Majeure: In the situation of any failure of performance or delay brought upon by circumstances beyond its reasonable control, herballifecare.in shall not be responsible or liable. This include, without being limited to, customs delays, mail delays, lost shipments, delays due to backorders of requested products. It is the Customer who shall be solely responsible to make arrangements to purchase alternative products as well as any costs incurred in relation to the purchase of the delayed products. The Site will not be liable to notify the Customer about any such delay of the product ordered by him/her.

Entire Agreement: It is agreed by the Customer that these Terms of Sale and any document referred to herein or incorporated by reference constitute the compete agreement between the herballifecare.in, HLC and the Customer which pertains to the subject-matter of these Terms of sale. The agreement supersedes, terminates and otherwise renders null and void any or all prior negotiations, proposals or request for proposals, contracts, agreements and understandings, whether oral or written, between herballifecare.in, HLC and the Customer. These Terms of Sales Govern in the situation of a conflict between these Terms of Sale and any of the Documents incorporated by reference or referred to herein.